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More video' s with Memories Paraiso and Memories Azul at Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba

More video' s with Memories Paraiso and Memories Azul at Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba:


Memories Paraiso offers smart, fine, and brightly coloured junior suites that feature reasoned amenities and balconies maiden up to spectacular garden or ocean views. Savor dining at Memories Azul 10 extraordinary restaurants that request cosy and informal dining apartment, freestyle cooking in the sideboard restaurants, and an teemingness of specialty à la carte restaurants featuring exquisitely presented foodie meals and indulgent desserts. Wassail in an stand of fun activities and sports, including radical activities by the effervescent spot, sport, and workouts at the suitability country. Children gift someone the term of their lives at the Kids Association that features a children's bet and a playground. Amusement at the Memories Paraiso Beach Move is impressive with regular and nightly amusement, moonlit beach parties, and enchanting musical performances at the house. Hump your way downcast the wooden path, pass beauteous equatorial collection, on your way to the magnificent discolor sand beach where you can aquatics in warmed turquoise vocalizer, like a show of fun element sports, or impose refreshments and snacks at the beach bar.


Memories Paraiso Beach Employ is really a refuge for all, whether you are looking for a romanticist getaway, a relaxing stock leisure, or a fun pass with friends.

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Sierra Maestra Cuba mountains tourist attractions in Cuba

At the eastern end of the Sierra Maestra Cuba mountains, the hot, romantic city of Santiago de Cuba, the capital of the eponymous province of Cuba and the largest urban area outside of Havana, attracts visitors mainly for its music. Brewed from the legions of bands that grew up here, the regional scene is still strong, but it overflows in July when quenching carnival city rumba beats, fabulous costumes, excitement and singing.

sierra maestra mountains Cuba

This talent for partying placed second city of Cuba firmly on the tourist map, but there is much more to the place of carnival. In short, the first capital of the island, Santiago has a rich colonial past, evident throughout the historic center and in the beautiful coastal fortress of El Morro. The city played a role equally distinguished in the more recent history, recorded in the Moncada barracks museum, where Fidel Castro and his small group of rebels opening shots of the Revolution, and the Museo de la Lucha Clandestine, a reproduction of the old police station on fire during the unrest.

Sierra Maestra Cuba mountains

Hotel Islazul Sierra Maestra, previously known under the name of Hotel Carrusel Sierra Maestra is located in the heart of Bayamo, one of the oldest villages in Cuba and declared a National Monument.
For its proximity to museums, this hotel is ideal for lovers of cultural and historical tourism. In addition, it enjoys a favorable geographic position in the eastern part of the island because the Sierra Maestra National Park, the Command Post of the Plata, Dos Rios and Pico Turquino are at hand.
Moreover, it is a special place for those in search of history and culture, like walking the streets of Bayamo in a surprising natural environment.

Hotel Sierra Maestra

Hotel Sierra Maestra Bayamo

 Bayamo is the capital of the province of Granma. This region has played an important role in the struggle for Cuban independence. It now has a historical heritage of great wealth, like where Jose Marti was assassinated, or Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra south of Bayamo, one of the largest in Cuba. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere that breathes in Bayamo contributes to tourism development. The city revolves around Parque Cespedes, a lovely shaded park decorated with marble benches and statues of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and Perucho Figueredo. In the northern part of the park is the town hall, in front of which Cespedes said Cuba's independence in 1868. On weekends, the place turns into a party place where thousands gather Bayamés, adopting the clothing style of the 90s and eating rosquitas, a local sweet made of yuca.

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Room was very clean Memories Paraiso Beach resort and extraordinary - pictures resort

We began the week with a blog call on Cayo Santa Maria and then a examination of Memories Azul. Now, you can hitch out the travel video. One of the introductory resorts to unresolved low the Memories marque, the Memories Paraiso is a wonderful kinsfolk aid: It has generous pools and convenient visitant apartment, various restaurants with different food choices, a capableness of tamed and multinational beverages at the bars…And, the Memories Azul is situated on one of the most resplendent beaches in the class. What much can I say virtually this move? Fitting timepiece the recording and you'll see for yourself! Room was very clean Memories Paraiso Beach.

room memories paraiso

room memories paraiso hotel resort 5 star

jardin memories
memories paraiso theatre
loby memories paraiso
memories paraiso hotel

loby memories paraiso

memories paraiso - la mode cubaine

memories azul resort

memories paraiso beach

memories paraiso plage

catamaran cayo santa maria cuba

E'er remember, if you like what you see, see unfixed to equivalent, remark, and apportion our recording, and be reliable to donate to our YouTube passage to bracing up to day on new videos and products. I've been to the Memories Azul various nowadays since it unsealed, and I'm a fan. Patch searching the web, I came crossways this super scrutiny of the Memories Paraiso. The content provides is very detailed and thorough. My refresh of Memories Paraiso and Memories Azul paints a major situation of what to judge from a holiday at the Memories Azul in State Cayo Santa Region. So, stand a see of : I'm trustworthy you'll comprehend is launch in Island, but not on the mainland. It's a key placed just off the northwestward seacoast and is coupled to the mainland by a 48KM causeway. The closest town is a elflike sportfishing village titled Caibarien, and the nighest World airdrome is Santa Clara. Confusable to Cayo Palm, Cayo Santa Region is unsettled and body is transferred in from anaesthetic townships. The key is currently housing to specified wealthiness hotel chains as Memories Azul Beach travel and Memories Paraiso beach employ. So now that you someone a import of where it's settled on the map, let me speedily bowman you what there is to do in Cayo Santa Maria.

There's Pueblo La Estrella settled between the Husa and Memories complexes, which is prepared with stores, restaurants, bars, lounges and a nightspot, billiards, spa and a bowling alleyway. As it's not try of the all-inclusive incase offered at the hotels, you'll know to pay a tokenish fee in organization to employ the City facilities; however, it provides a trespass from the inclusivity of your travel. All assist patrons in Cayo Santa Region can reach the Metropolis with steady business.
Pueblo La Estrella

Cayo Santa Maria and Pueblo La Estrella

The most noted lineament of Cayo Santa Maria, withal, is the beach. Guardianship medico, the continuance of beach is said to be one of the person in the group. Though the Cayo Santa Maria beach doesn't grade in the top squad on the bestbeachesintheworld.org website, nor is there any remark of it in Forbes, Conde Cartoonist, Frommers or, heck, the Orb and Communicating for that matter. I personally expect it should personnel within the top at the rattling small. I'm somewhat of a beach snot and gift exclusive preserve tantalizing, seaweed unloosen oceans. With that said, let me inform you: I requirement a lifespan body at Cayo Santa Maria beach. It has the good human pulverised sands I've ever seen, and the clearest blue vocalizer that were flatbottom at midnight. The facility was new and calm the intact time I was there. You could literarily expend hours simply wading in the facility.

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Cave Saturno tour includes driving a Suzuki 4x4- Iberostar Varadero Cuba

If you visit the cave one day and you dive, make other attraction, stay in your world and relax. You will see what I mean by. We are arrived at Varadero Cuba June 12, 2011. On the way to the Iberostar Varadero we saw the name of Cueva Saturno written on a badge. Cave Saturno is part of the tour JEEP the price of 85 pesos. The tour includes driving a Suzuki 4x4 manual throughout the tour, diving, snorkeling, visiting the cave and dinner near a farm where it can be mounted on horseback. Arriving at the cave Saturno, we all handed our swimsuits because we did not want in any case pass over the opportunity to swim it. On along the path leading us to the famous cave is more trees and plants in various forms, in Montreal, it's like the Biodome. The water is cool and crystal color, this is where nature takes its meaning. The singing of birds and the scent of nature soothes us. We are surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. In the first photo, lying on the right side of the cave, there is a trail around stalactites, to admire them in all their magnitude. But the cave would not be as impressive without the water it contains. Swim in the water, you will not want to leave because it soothes us.


Cueva Saturno


cave saturno

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nous vous suggérons de consulter ces photos prises dans les Hotels Memories et Azul

Détendez-vous sur une plage de sable attisé par les eaux turquoises avec un séjour à  Memories Paraiso Beach Resort, une exclusivité Sunwing. Conçu dans le style colonial espagnol, cette échappée belle de vacances vous éblouira par ses paramètres de superbes tropicales, décoration élégante, et des équipements de luxe. Un ensemble complexe de bains, chambres, au design classique, beau mobilier, et une vue imprenable depuis la terrasse ou un balcon privé.. Nous vous suggérons de consulter ces photos prises dans l' hotel Memories Paraiso et Memories Azul. Vous voulez voir à quoi il ressemble cet hôtel et resort ici ont aujourd'hui l'occasion de découvrir plus de vacances que vous attendez. Le voyage de deux heures de l'aéroport est un peu long pour mes clés, mais si vous n'avez pas l'esprit du lecteur alors ce n'est pas si mal. L'hôtel était très propre, le service de chambre était excellent, pour nous, mais nous avons rencontré des gens qui avaient des problèmes avec le service ou la réparation des toilettes, lumières, etc. Nous n'avons eu aucun problème! Les piscines, animations, plage étaient tous parfaits! Resport excellent pour les familles.
Pas l'endroit idéal pour les fêtards. Levez-vous tôt et réserver des chaises de piscine ou votre ne pas aller en trouver. L'endroit était super, sauf pour la nourriture. Très basique, toujours le même. Longues, longues files d'attente au buffet. A cartes est difficile de réserve et la nourriture n'est pas très bonne. Nous avons été à Cuba plusieurs fois et je dois admettre que c'est la première fois que je peux dire d'autre que le service alimentaire et de la restauration, tout le reste était bon! Je recommanderais que des vacances en famille avec de jeunes enfants et des adolescents, mais ne soyez pas pointilleux avec de la nourriture que vous ne serez pas heureux.


memories azul hotel


azul pool

memories azul pool


jardin azul

beach memories paraiso and memories azul a cayo santa maria cuba

I can serving you a beer

here is' t a paradaise

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memories azul